Rewarding Improvement

Just attended a fascinating and inspirational lecture by Lord David Puttnam CBE, as part of The Edinburgh Lecture series, on Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire) – All of Life is a Race.
Great insight on how the film was put together and on how some key cinematic moments were serendipitous!
The run along the beach opening sequence was a second take after a technical problem with the film the day before where the weather had been calm and sunny – we may have lost those highly atmospheric wind,cloud and overcast images if things had gone to plan!
Vangelis’ score, another highlight, was added after the film was complete and when he had contacted Puttnam with a revised version! Another key aspect almost lost!
Somethings are meant to happen!!
One part of the talk that is worth reflection – the idea that in addition to the three medal – gold, silver, bronze awards there should be a fourth for the athlete who has most improved their personal best!
in addition instead of medal tables – provide table of countries whose athletes have improved their personal bests the most. An interesting idea and one that reflects research in positive psychology and motivation (particularly for young people) of rewarding and recognising effort, commitment and improvement and not just winning.
Are there possibilities of applying this concept to other walks of life?
Worth consideration and reflection.

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