Welcome to Fresh Enterprise Coaching

Hello and welcome to the Fresh Enterprise Coaching website! 

I'm Bob McGowan, I use my experience, knowledge and skills gained from working in education, business and sport to develop high performance solutions for individuals, groups and organisations.

My main focus is coaching and mentoring but I also deploy a range of other skills in leadership development and strategy planning to support clients in developing options and choices to create high performance.

I take account of 'thought leaders' and future trends to support clients develop sustainable long-term  growth. I enjoy working with businesses, organisations and individuals who have a desire to grow and develop.

So if you have an idea that you wish to progress, issues or sticking points that you wish to resolve, or you wish to raise your current performance to another level, please get in touch with me at Fresh Enterprise Coaching! 

Fresh Enterprise Coaching is different, innovative and enterprising with a willingness to take a risk to make a difference! 

Create an inspired future!




I work with school leaders and management teams, local authorities and national agencies in developing high performance in a range of educational issues.

"a neutral, independent, confidential approach that was a great starting point for development".



I coach leaders and teams in senior positions in  developing high performance in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

I also support high performing individuals in career development.

"it has been a springboard to develop my thinking".


My experience in coaching elite sport has given me knowledge of creating high performance on a 'consistent' basis.

I work with national sport agencies in developing elite coaches and I also coach/mentor individual international athletes.

"This process has been immensely beneficial".